Amaya Gaming SlotsThe Amaya Gaming Group was initially based in Canada, but now the company has spread its wings to include locations throughout North and South America as well as Europe.  In June 2014 Amaya Gaming Group acquired PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker, both online poker brands. They paid slightly less than $5 billion, which as of August 2014 made Amaya Gaming Group the largest (publicly traded) online gaming company in the world. It’s amazing when you think that this occurred just one decade after the company started.

Amaya Gaming produces, not only online slot titles, but other things as well including online lottery, sportsbook, poker and online casino products. Amaya has a vision and that is to make the most of the advances in technology with regard to the online gaming, land-based casino and mobile industries. Their goal is to increase player satisfaction, generate the maximum per-player returns, and attract as many new customers as possible. They seem to be succeeding at all of this by having amazing graphics, innovative features and plenty of games included in their product offerings.

Slot Machines by Amaya

Amaya is known for developing slot with incredible graphics in every game they produce. It makes it very difficult for anyone to choose their favourite Amaya slot. There is something for everyone, whether your preference is the flashy superheroes they license for games, or the simpler kind of slots played back in the old days. Amaya Gaming has acquired the exclusive license to create games for all DC Comic characters, which include Batman, Justice League, the Hulk, Green Lantern, Superman, the Flash and Wonder Woman. They also have Conan the Barbarian and Call of Duty from Activision and Paramount.

The online slot games developed by Amaya Gaming have from 3 to 5 reels and have a range of 1 to 100 paylines. They also have grid slots of up to 5 X 4 having up to 1,024 different ways to win. Slot games offer bonus events and free spins, so don’t miss out on these chances to maximize your profits when playing online casino games by Amaya. You can even win as much as 100,000 coins in certain 5-reel slots developed by Amaya. They also have some progressive games, which you can find under their Cryptologic brand.

Amaya works closely with a number of the largest slot manufacturers. This has allowed them to make a deal to exclusively bring Aristocrat’s slot games online. Those of you who have played our free slot games may have seen the Amaya logo as the game loads, even though someone else may actually have manufactured the game. Games like Pompeii, Lets Go Fish’n, and Wild Panda are all from Aristocrat, but Amaya is the company who developed their online versions.

Amaya Slots Software

The software developed by Amaya for online slot games is fast and efficient. It has all the latest features considered standard in the industry including autoplay and a broad range of betting options. The software also lets the player choose among 24 different languages and a variety of different currencies to select from as well. Amaya software and the majority of their slot games can be played on Amaya Gaming’s mobile platform and work quite seamlessly on most smartphones and tablets. You can have a sneak peek at all their amazing online casino products and fantastic slot games using the Amaya Gaming demo site.

Features From Amaya Games

Slots by Amaya Gaming are very diverse and offer players a nice array of bonus features. If you enjoy bonus games and free spins, or really like games with a lot of action, tons of wilds, some scatters, and multipliers, you can find plenty of games to choose from. Amaya Gaming has literally dozens of different themes and this is what makes them one of the most appreciated online slot developers.

Diverse Themes

What makes Amaya Gaming so unique is their diverse range of themes in their slots. They have licensed characters like Superman and Batman, as well as fairy tales like Gulliver’s Travels and King Richer and almost anything else you can think of. There is something for everyone so when you browse through Amaya’s slot titles you won’t be disappointed. However you may have a problem selecting just one game. It’s lucky for you that you can sample all of them before you have to play for real money. The entire library of games by Amaya is available to everyone for free.

Amaya also has a full range of non-slot casino games, which include games like roulette and blackjack, as well as a range of live-dealer games.

Very Compatible

Androids, iPhones Amaya’s slots and their other casino games are available across all operating systems and Internet platforms. Players on Mac, Windows, and Linux can play Amaya’s casino and slot games. Players can also play using their mobile devices, including, and Windows tablets and mobile devices, with the software usually being delivered seamlessly.

Final Verdict of Amaya Gaming Slots

Amaya Gaming Group is a powerful force in the industry, making their competitors work very hard to just keep up. The company has the most high-tech and innovative online slots and casino games available. It’s no surprise that Amaya Gaming has become a worldwide powerhouse that just keeps growing year after year.

Stability of the company

Nowadays there is a strong emphasis on security, certainly in all aspects relating to money. The Amaya Gaming Group have a strong reputation and there has never been any major bugs with their slot machines, the company is well established and even allows brand followers to buy Amaya Gaming Shares. This is certainly one of a few companies in the online gambling sector we are not concerned about in regards to its future and prosperity.