Microgaming Reveal Bridesmaid Slot

18th July 2015 Posted in Latest News by No Comments

July has been a decent month for Microgaming as it has seen the company launch two new slot titles, these are Hot as Hades and Chainmail. The two slots are due to become mainstream at some point in July, once they have been published to the public domain we will be reviewing them, along with providing the best places to play.

We were a little taken back after they have announced a new slot title to come in August, nothing unusual, apart from it being called Bridesmaids. We're really not too sure what to make of this, are they scraping the barrel or do they have some new creative approach to slot themes? We can appreciate that the movie had a little success but it seems a little overkill to make a slot theme around it.

The introduction video seems like the beginning of a Real House Wives TV show but once you get into the game it doesn't look too bad on the whole. There is nothing new, the interface is the same and slot looks like a typical Microgaming title. The game play is consistent with the other slots on the market but we're not a big fan of graphics used. Once we get our hands on it we may be swayed to like the game but this is certainly very niche for our liking.

It clearly targets women and unfortunately, although we can appreciate other sex titles, this does appear to be very cheesy.

Let's hold off with the negativity just yet, it hasn't been launched, let's wait and see how the final product looks but we hope Microgaming can come out with some much better themes, certainly when you look at their success with other titles.

We'll let this one go Microgaming. For those of you who haven't watched the introduction video, you can find it here.

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