Best UK Online Casinos

Online casinos have blossomed thanks to an increase in internet speed and a revolution in gaming software. The boom of online casinos has benefited players immensely as the steep competition has forced providers to offer industry-leading bonuses and gaming platforms.

Once upon a time gambling was associated with a smoke-filled bricks and mortar casino, usually reserved for the high rollers. The shift between the olden days to the modern forms of gaming allows players from all backgrounds to enjoy the occasional flutter or for a select few, a career in gambling.

The sheer amount of online gaming providers on the net can be somewhat overwhelming, maybe even confusing to players. We are not a fan of clutter here at Freebie Slots so we have made a nice little table of the best UK online casinos we recommend to players. Not all gaming sites are created equally, some have terrible terms and conditions, others have great games with decent payouts. When choosing a reliable online casino to play for real money, it is essential to make a well-informed decision: the purpose of this page.

1 Hyper Casino £100Review
2 Slots Million £100Review
3 Cashmio £100Review
4 Casumo £300Review
5 Mr Green £350Review
6 Sloty Casino £300Review
7 Spinit Casino £200Review

We love hearing player feedback in regards to online casinos, if you have played on any of the listed games above feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the review page – this will not only help us when it comes to reviewing or amending current sites but also helps any readers who may be looking at joining that site. Also, if you have had a good or bad experience with a provider which is not listed in this table then do feel free to get in touch – this can help us with our review process when we get around to the site in question.

Choosing an online casino

There are many players who are happy with their current gaming provider, and we love to hear of online casinos offering great service, however, be an informed player – you could be missing out on great deals. Online casinos will often bend over backwards to get new players, and you can use this to your advantage, switching is easy and can often put extra money in your back pocket with no deposit bonuses and welcome top-ups. Don’t be afraid to switch provider, online casinos often spend loads of money in getting their platform as user-friendly as possible – if you are happy with a provider and are confident you are getting the best deal possible then we would love to hear what it is that makes that provider special, if you click on any of the reviews above there is a comments section where you can leave your valued feedback.

Sometimes players are rewarded for being loyal to a brand, and this is often called a VIP area, there are many different perks in the VIP lounge such as cashback, gifts and exclusive games – these may sound like great treats for sticking with a brand but we must reiterate that it’s important to check with other brands to ensure you are getting the very best deal. We love a bargain and enjoy nothing more than hearing from players getting the very best deals.

Different online casinos for different countries

Gambling is considered differently depending on which country you are living in; there are different regulations and requirements for providers for each state or country. We only focus on UK based games as we estimate the majority of the readers will be UK citizens. If you are not based in the United Kingdom, the gaming providers may still operate in your country however if is your responsibility to check the gambling laws in your country of residence.

International visitors of this site can also visit for extensive and reliable online casino reviews for over 50 online casinos that cater to players from all over the globe.

If is also worth noting that the listed bonuses for each provider may vary depending on your country of residence, online casinos will often tailor bonuses around the player. Another area which may differ is the terms and conditions; it’s imperative to double-check any conflicting terms with a provider before signing up, this can prevent any issues, in the long run, certainly if you plan to stick with a certain provider.