Playtech slot developer brandPlaytech is one of the most innovative slot game developers and has a fantastic selection of online games with enough variety to please all types of players.

They have themes involving hit movies, comic books, famous athletes and sports figures. If you like jackpots, there is a whole range of games that have huge jackpots that if won, would totally change your life. If you are one to embrace more traditional games, Playtech has those bases covered as well, with tons of easy-to-play 3 and 5-reel slots, with themes that would appeal to anyone.

Playtech has grown to be one of the largest suppliers of online gaming software. This company is traded on the stock exchange and offers very innovative solutions to leading companies in the industry.

Features Common to Most Playtech Slots

The kind of slot games that Playtech has come out with cover a very broad range of themes and levels of difficulty and sophistication. They range from very basic games with uncomplicated graphics, to very intense games full of complex graphics, including animation. They utilise sound and video clips to enhance the power and intensity of the game. Despite this diversity, many of Playtech’s machines have similar features. The most obvious commonality has to do with the controls. Most of their slots have from 15 to 25 paylines. Their games also let the players decide on how many active paylines they want. Coins are not used in their games either, instead the players decide on their bet per line. This is why the games by Playtech are so easy to play since players don’t have to remember how many coins were used while they played. Typically the wagers run from £0.01 up to £5 a line.

There are certain features that commonly are found in a broad range of games by Playtech, but each game is unique, with enough variety to make their games interesting. Their games usually have Wilds and Scatters, as well as free spins and bonus features that appear on a second screen.

List of Playtech Slot Machines

Progressive Features

Without a doubt, Playtech is among the biggest developers of progressive slots in the industry. One of their most popular games, which add to their reputation as an innovator among those who love progressive slots, is their Beach Life game, which is a real standout. Most of their games do include a number of jackpots, as well as other progressive features, which make it possible to make a killing by playing slot machines.

Exclusive Licenses

Playtech has built a reputation for having a broad range of slot machines that are licensed. They have exclusive license agreements with many comic book publishers as well as movie producers. From these, they have developed some of the most amazing slots, which all have familiar characters telling their stories in an entirely different format, that of a slot game. They have slot machines based on the Marvel comic books, such as Iron Man, X-Men, and The Incredible Hulk. These are probably their most popular games. Playtech’s theme-based games can’t help but get your attention, whether you play online or in a brick and mortar Las Vegas casino. Each one includes a storyline developed from their respective franchise and this is what makes them so engaging.

Every one of the games licensed from Marvel Comic Books has progressive jackpots. It almost makes no difference which game you play because you will certainly have a chance at one out of four progressive jackpots. They do vary with regard to the amount of the payouts, but you certainly can look forward to winning a few hundred dollars, or perhaps a few thousand from the progressive jackpots. They can go as high as £500,000 with the Ultimate Power Jackpot.

Best Among Playtech’s Real Money Games

When you examine all of the games from Playtech, a few do spark quite a bit of interest among those who play slots for real money. These would include Iron Man II, which is based on the hit movie franchise of the same name. The slot launched in February of 2010. Later that same year Rocky was launched, which instantly became a hit due to having a jackpot worth £10,000.

Beach Life has for many years been one of Playtech’s most popular slots due to its progressive jackpot. The game has been around nearly a decade, having been launched in November 2006. It stands as a worldwide favourite. Another game that is very popular is A Night Out. This is an all-time favourite because it is so much fun to play, offering fantastic themes, great bonuses and tons to keep you entertained.

Another fan-favourite would have to be The Gladiator, which first came out in November 2007. Over the years it has grown in popularity due to its incredible visuals. It doesn’t take long to become addicted. Other popular games by Playtech include the Gold Rally, launched in November 2008 and offers massive wins, as well as Dr. Lovemore slots, a very cleverly done, cheeky and fun-filled slot game, that offers plenty of entertainment value.