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Evolution is another incredible game that comes to us from Net Entertainment. True to its name this game takes players back to the beginning of time in a video slot game with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. NetEnt outdid themselves this time because this game has spectacular visuals, a thrilling Bonus Game showing creatures “evolving” with every single spin, going up one value to the next. Evolution has a return to player of 96.3% and medium variance.

You can play Evolution on your Windows, Mac or Linux desktop computer or laptop.

The setting for this game is beneath the primordial, deep blue water that life emerges from. The border around the screen depicts a mossy shoreline with sparkling new plant-life growing in the form of sprouts and mushrooms. The symbols in this game are different critters at various stages along the scale of evolution, and they all have very original names.

The five lower-valued symbols start with Organism and then evolving to 10 – Primo blobulus, then J – Blobulus astrum, progressing to Q – Jellocus finnum, up to K – Jellocus squidae, all the way up to A – Crustacio springum.

The five higher-valued symbols continue to develop in complexity as they increase in value and their names are just as imaginative.

Evolution netent slot review


Evolution Slot Features

The creativity of the development team at Net Entertainment continues to be evident in Evolution and is particularly true when you see how the reels are rolling from the bottom upwards, instead of the usual way from the top on down to the bottom. Each and every symbol has been animated, and the winning symbols look as if they’re exploding in a ring of colours.

The Wild pops up just on 2, 3, 4 and 5 reels and replaces all the other symbols, apart from the Free Spins. It seems to gently bounce around like a bubble in rainbow colours. If you’re lucky the Free Spins symbol will pop up frequently, and you’ll recognise it because it’s designed like fireflies flitting about the letters. If you get 3 or more popping up, you will enter the Evolution Bonus Game.

Evolution netent slot review bonus

Bonuses Available in Evolution

If you win the Free Spins, you’ll seemingly zoom upwards through the surface of the water and mingle among the various types of plant-life that is growing all around you. This is when the music gets louder and takes on a new rhythm and beat. However many symbols pop up determines how many Free Spins you get. If you get 3 you will win 5 Free Spins, 4 will win you 15, five will win you 20. You will win according to your total bet, which gets multiplied by whatever multiplier it comes with.

When you get a winning combo playing the Free Spins, this triggers the Evolution feature. This is when the symbols you won with “evolve”, turning into the next level. The other symbols that match them, that was not a part of your winning pay line also “evolves”. For instance, a Jellocus squidae evolves into a Crustacio springum, and the critter with the lower value gets removed from any Free Spins you get in the future. With just playing 10 Free Spins, this feature can help you accumulate some serious coinage very quickly.

When the Bonus Game ends, a huge meteor slams into the earth, causing a massive explosion that turns everything red. You then sink back underwater and resume playing in regular mode.

Evolution is an original slot machine with a unique theme a huge potential in the free spins bonus.

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