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Go Bananas Video Slots by NetEnt

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Go Bananas is a fabulously fun and whimsical 5-reel, 3-row, 20-payline video slot game that comes to us from Net Entertainment. The theme is fairly easy to guess from the name and as predicted, the game takes place in a Jungle full of Palm trees, Orangutans and Monkeys.

What makes this game so much fun is all the surprises, not to mention the fantastic graphics and the animated tropical fruits and jungle animals. The soundtrack carries on the theme, with a conga-style drumbeat to keep everyone energised and enthusiastic.

When you first enter the game you have the option of watching an intro video that explains the story behind the game and how to play. There are some fabulous Wild Monkey bonuses that make Go Bananas a really exciting game at times.

Go Bananas netent slot

Go Bananas Slot Bonuses

There are 5 different Wild Monkey symbols, each with their very own features and characteristics. When any one of the 5 Wild Monkeys pops up on the reels, they themselves, plus some of the adjacent symbols, turn into Wilds. With each win, a huge ape appears on the screen with his congratulations.

There are Substituting Wild symbols that can replace any of the other symbols, which increases your chances of winning since they can pop up on any or all of the reels.

As mentioned earlier, there are 5 Wild Monkeys that can pop up on all the reels. Each one has its own particular wild like behaviours and all of them turn the symbols on both sides of them into Wilds.

The Wild Tarsier has the power to turn one adjacent symbol, either vertically or horizontally, into a Wild.

If you get a Wild Gorilla popping up on your reels, it diagonally, in both directions, turns 4 neighbouring symbols into Wilds. This creates an X-shape, which shows the Wilds on your reels.

If a Wild Baboon pops up on your reels, 2 other vertical symbols will change to possibly blanket an entire reel.

When you have a Wild Orangutan pop up on your reels, it changes 3 neighbouring symbols into Wilds, which then forms a cube with 4 Wilds on the reels.

If you get a Wild Langur popping up on your reels, it turns 2 other horizontal symbols to create a block consisting of 3 Wilds.

Our Go Bananas Video Slot Review

There is no way to set off any free spins while playing this game, but don’t be too concerned about this because Go Bananas is a lot of fun in spite of that plus it does have plenty of Wild features. This is the perfect slot game for players who love a fast and exciting game. You won’t have a lot of interruptions but you will continue to spin and win, which never gets boring.

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