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Magic Love Video Slot by NetEnt

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Magic Love is just that because this game gets players in the mood for romance and love. It’s a wonderful 3 by 3 slot game in the traditional sense that comes to us from Net Entertainment. All the graphics and symbols in the game are based on the items traditionally associated with love, like the iconic red rose, a diamond ring, a sports car, a tropical palm tree, and of course a bottle of bubbly champagne. This is everything you need, the perfect slot machine for love and romance.

While playing you’ll feel pulled to fall madly in love, to run off to a luxurious casino resort, where the two of you can bet it all on 64 paylines, win the jackpot and live happily in paradise forever after.

The theme of the game of course of obvious, so when you’re in the mood open a bottle of wine, grab the object of your affection and have some good fun playing Magic Love! Every payline can be triggered over and over, as the winning combos keep coming in this game. You have two coin values and a number of payline options so every spin is a thrill. The honeymoon phase is portrayed as bright and full of colour, and then reality hits with matrimony and then the babies arrive. This is a classic Las Vegas type slot game with all the pings, bells and whistles. When you win you will certainly know it with a cheerful digital payout keeping you posted.

Features of Magic Love

Although Magic Love appears to be a classic slot there is a slight difference in the look and feel of the game compared to other online slots. It reminds you of the typical one-arm bandit type slot machine found in a real land-based casino. They’ve designed the backdrop of the slot machine to look like a glamorous Las Vegas casino.

The reels have a 3 by 3 type setup and the game offers the possibility of over 64 winning combinations since every payline can be triggered more than once. You can bet up to 64 coins with every spin. There are no bonus games in Magic Love so you will be playing on your main screen the entire time. But don’t worry; you can still rack up amazing wins due to all the winning combos and symbols. The game is user-friendly with a very clear screen with easy-to-follow features, making it fun for any level player.

Magic love has a very unique aspect to it, which is that you can halt any of your 3 reels without stopping the others. If you want it to stop reel 1 early, during a spin all you need to do is click on the button labelled “Clear Bets”. If you want reel 2 to stop, click “Single Line”, and you can stop reel 3 by clicking the button for “All Lines” at the bottom of your reels.

Review of Magic Love Slots

Magic Love is a little non-traditional in terms of its online slot layout so it might be more difficult for some to figure out this style of gameplay. But once you start playing you’ll get comfortable with it very quickly and start having fun. Because this is a new and different way to play it’s more interesting and this is what prevents players from stopping. It seems to be addictive, just like love!

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