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Nemo's Voyage Video Slot by WMS

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Nemo’s Voyage is a fascinating and very rewarding online slot game that comes to us from WMS Gaming. As the name implies the theme is based on the famous sailor Captain Nemo and his ocean adventures.

Players win prizes in this game by finding some vital equipment needed by sailors. These could be Maps, Harpoons and Telescopes. But if you can spot danger in the form of certain types of sea life like Whales, Giant Squid and Hammerhead Sharks, you will win even larger prizes.

Every time you spin your wheel the pressure gauge inside the Nautilus, Captain Nemo’s big ship, moves. When the gauge reaches a certain levels you win any number of bonus games, which can include Pressure Wilds, Clumped Wilds and just Wilds.

All levels of players can play, whether you are on a small budget or have a huge bankroll, so just choose the betting option that suits you best.

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Nemo’s Voyage Slot Gameplay

Once you board the ship you’ll be busy looking out its huge window viewing the squids, sharks and whales swimming all over your reels.

But first you will want to start looking for telescopes and maps so that you can make your way throughout the journey. You might also want to locate a harpoon or two to keep you safe if you run into some aggressive sea-life. These finds pay as much as 375 coins. If you are able to spot whales and sharks you can garner as much as 500 coins. You’ll get as much as 625 coins if you spot an electric fish, and as much as 1,000X if you spot a giant squid.

Whether it’s a winning spin or a losing spin, every one will move the pressure gauge of the Nautilus into a bonus section. These could be a Bonus, Wild Reels, Clumped Wilds, Pressure Wilds, a Wild, Wild X2 or a Wild X3. When the Wild bonuses get activated, the wild replaces all the other base symbols in the game. If a Wild X2 or a Wild X3 is activated, then all prize lines that have a Wild get multiplied according to the multiplier. Clumped Wilds turn into clumps of wilds right on your reels. Wild reels will make the wild symbols stick on the 1st and 3rd reels. If the bonus is triggered you will get a random number of free spins, and while doing the free spins a giant squid might break the surface and grab onto one of your reels, which will transform it into a wild.

The staking system on Nemo’s Adventure is very generous. There are 40 set paylines and you can stake them from 0.01 to 5 coins, which means the minimum bet is only 0.04 coins per spin with the maximum bet being 200 coins per spin.

Nemo’s Voyage Slot Review

An opportunity to sail off with Captain Nemo on the Nautilus should give you enough trills, but add to those and you are bound to have the time of your life with all the payouts and bonuses. This is an adventure you definitely want to embark on!

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