Top 10 best-paying casino games

At, we love to play online slots. Netent slots, Microgaming slots, Thunderkick slots; we can't get enough of them.

But how well do online slots pay out compared to other casino games? If you want to have the most significant chance of winning some money from the casino, should you be playing slots, or should you be playing other casino games?

One of the most common misconceptions we hear is that table games always pay out better than slot games. While that is true in most cases, it is not valid in all cases. Some slots pay out better than some table games.

So, we thought it might be good to compile a list of the top 10 paying casino games with some surprising results.

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The difference between the payout percentage and house edge

Although the terms payout percentage (Return to Player or RTP) and house edge are intimately connected, they are not the same. Before we tell you the top 10 best-paying casino games, we need to explain the difference between the RTP and the house edge.

The Return To Player tells you how much a casino game will pay back to the player over the long run. A slot with an RTP of 96.5% will pay back approximately 96.5 pounds to the player for every 100 pounds that have been put in the slot machine. The RTP is calculated over millions of spins and is an average number. Results in the short term will usually be different (you might get 80% back or 200% back) due to the variance of the slots. The higher the RTP, the better it is for you, especially if you play slots regularly.

The House Edge tells you how much the casino keeps from every pound staked on a game. If, for instance, a specific casino game (European Roulette) has an RTP of 97.3%, the house edge will be 100%-97.3% = 2,7%.

In other words, the casino keeps, on average, 2.7% of every pound that is staked on European Roulette. The lower the house edge, the better it is for you.

Are there any casino games that pay out more than 100%?

We get asked a lot if any casino games pay out more than 100% over the long run? Games that will guarantee a profit every time you play them?

Sadly, these games do not exist. Casinos are there to make money, and offering games with a negative house edge would mean every online casino would be bankrupt within days.

However, some casino games come close to a 100% Return To Player, including some online slots.

Playing these games gives you far better odds of beating the casino than other, less paying casino games.

The top 10 best-paying casino games

This list of top 10 paying casino games is a mix of table games, video poker and online slots. This list will help you make the best choice when playing online casino games – increasing your chances of winning.

Best paying casino games1. Video Poker (Jacks or Better): 99.56%

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Video Poker, the Jacks or Better version, to be more precise, nearly pays out 100% if you play the correct strategy AND bet max coins (5 coins). This casino game offers players the highest RTP that we could find: 99.56%.

best paying casino games blackjack2. Blackjack: up to 99.5%

Play at: All British Casino

The second spot on this top 10 list is Blackjack, the popular card game with an RTP of up to 99.5%. It is essential to play using the correct strategy to reach this RTP, which tells you when to split, buy (hit), double or stand. Blackjack can be played both in automatic and in Live Dealer versions.

top 10 best paying games3. Mega Joker (Netent): up to 99%

Play at: All British Casino

Mega Joker is a classic, fruit machine style slot that can pay up to 99%. This extremely high RTP is only active when you play the top bonus game. In the base game, the RTP is a lot lower. While playing Mega Joker, the best strategy is to collect credits in the base game and play them in the top game as soon as possible.

Monopoly big event highest return to player4. Monopoly Big Event: 99% (in big bet mode)

Play at: All British Casino

Monopoly Big Event is a very popular slot that Barcrest designed. This game, which features all your favourite Monopoly characters, has a special Big Bet Mode, where you buy five spins at an increased price. These “Big Bets” will increase your chances of hitting the bonus round, thus increasing your RTP. This game can be fun and pay out vast sums of money simultaneously. The “Big Bet” option does not come cheap, though, ranging from £20 – €30  per 5 spins.

casino games that pay best5. 1429 Uncharted Seas (Thunderkick): 98.6%

Play at: All British Casino

On the 5th spot of this top 10, we find our first Thunderkick slot. This beautifully designed sea explorer slot features free spins, expanding wilds and lots of sea monsters. We dig both the unique visual style and, of course, the extremely high Return To Player percentage of 98.6%.

blood suckers high payout game6. Blood Suckers (Netent): 98%

Play at: All British Casino

Blood Suckers is a low variance slot by Netent with an exceptionally high RTP of 98%. Due to these characteristics, Blood Suckers is usually a slot that you are not allowed to play with bonus money, as it would be too easy to make wagering requirements.

However, that does not mean you can't enjoy this popular horror-themed slot with real casino money. Blood Suckers offers players 25 pay lines, two fun and frequent-hitting bonus rounds and lots of playing time.

kings-of-chicago best paying slot7. Kings of Chicago (Netent): 97.8%

Play at: All British Casino

The somewhat unusual Kings of Chicago can be best described as a hybrid between an online slot and video poker. While playing on just five pay lines, you must try to form winning Video Poker combinations such as a flush, a full house and, of course, a royal flush.

If you land a Joker, all pays will be doubled, and there is also a free spins bonus to be won. If you like both slots and Video Poker, you will love Kings of Chicago. The RTP is one of the best you will find: an incredible 97.8%.

thunderkick magicious8. Magicious (Thunderkick): 97.6%

Play at: All British Casino

Another Thunderkick slot, Magicious, offers players a Magic-themed thrill ride. This win-both-ways Starburst clone has ten pay lines, expanding wilds and fast-paced action. Last but certainly not least, the RTP is insanely high: 97.6%. Thunderkick has released some of the most enjoyable – and best paying – online slots.

Esqueleto Explosivo thunderkick high paying casino slot9. Esqueleto Explosivo (Thunderkick): 97.6%

Play at: All British Casino

When Thunderkick first released the strange and quirky Esqueleto Explosivo, most players did not know what to make of it. A slot featuring a dead Mariachi band with exploding skulls and Golden Elvis Wilds? This slot is as unique as it is enjoyable. With cascading symbols, multipliers of up to 32 x and an RTP of 97.6%, you need to try out Esqueleto Explosivo at least once in your life.

Roulette low house edge10. Roulette (European): 97.3%

Play at: All British Casino

We conclude this top 10 list of best-paying casino games with the most popular table game: single zero Roulette. Also known as European Roulette, this game pays out an average of 97.3% on every wheel spin. Not to be confused with double zero Roulette (American Roulette), which has a far higher house edge.

Do certain casino games pay out better than other games?

As a general rule, table games pay out better than other casino games such as slots. Some of these games (Blackjack and Video Poker) require you to play the correct strategy to achieve the best results. Sometimes it makes a considerable difference in which version of the table game you are playing. European Roulette (one zero) will have a much better RTP than American Roulette (two zeroes).

Netent and Thunderkick: good!

When we look at online slots, some things are worth noting. First, Netent and Thunderkick slots pay out more than most other slots. So it makes sense to play these slots from these providers if you want to have the best chance of winning.

Progressive slots: bad!

Also, we advise you never to play progressive slots. A significant percentage (between 5% and 7%) of every stake goes to the progressive jackpots, which decreases your RTP by 5% to 7%. If you do not win the progressive (and chances are you won't), it is nearly impossible to win on a progressive slot machine.

Best paying online slots

Finally, why don't you check out our top 15 best paying online slots? There is an extensive list of all the best paying online slots, with Return to Player percentages ranging from 97% to 99%. A must if you are into online slots.

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