Which are better, online slots or FOBT slots?

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A question that we are often asked is which type of slot machine is better for the player, online slots or Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT’s)?

Both types of slots can be found anywhere in the United Kingdom. Online slots can be found at any online casino and FOBT’s, often referred to as the crack cocaine of gambling, are found at any High Street bookmaker.

Although online slots and FOBT slots may look alike at first glance and some titles may even have the same title and artwork, there are several big differences beneath the surface.

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Why online slots are better for the player than FOBT’s

There are several reasons why it is better to play online slots. We have selected the top 5 reasons why online slots are better for casino players than FOBT’s.

1. Online slots pay out more than FOBT’s

Online slots have far better pay out percentages than FOBT’s. The average online slot will pay out between 96.5 and 98 percent, regardless of the stake size and you can check the return to player percentage in the game rules. FOBT’s offer payout percentages up to 98%, but only when you are betting super spins, which are a lot more expensive than regular spins.

FOBT’s offer payout percentages up to 98%, but only when you are betting super spins, which are a lot more expensive than regular spins. You may be getting a good return, but you are maybe betting larger stakes than you want, at 20 pounds for every 5 super spins. And the payout percentage when you are betting 50p or £1 per spin is way lower than what an online slot will pay back.

2. Your can choose your bet size

While FOTB’s kind of force you to make large bets, online slots accommodate every type of player. You can stake as little as 1p per spin on some slots and as much as £250 per spin. You can bet what you are comfortable with, which is exactly how it should be.

3. Online slots offer higher jackpots

FOBT’s can only pay out a maximum of £500 per spin, regardless of bet size. Online slots do not have a maximum payout. There are online progressive jackpot slots where it is possible to win millions of pounds, with stakes as low as 20p. Non-progressive jackpot slots can also pay out large prizes. The infamous Dead or Alive slot by Netent is known for the high amounts of money you can win in the bonus round. Payouts of 10,000 x the total stake happen regularly.

4. The selection of online slots is bigger

An average online casino will offer anywhere between 400 and 1,000 different online slots, some even more. Compare this to your average Fixed Odds Betting Terminal, where you might have 50 different games at most, and that includes table games and virtual sports betting games.

5. Online casinos give out bonuses to new players

Online casinos give out big welcome bonuses to new players. Depending on how the welcome package is structured, you can get hundreds of pounds in casino bonuses on your first deposit(s).

Most UK licensed online casinos will also throw in a few hundred free spins on popular slots such as Starburst or Twin Spin. So, by playing at online casinos, you will get extra money to play with, extending your playing time and increasing your chances of landing a big win.

Then why is it FOBT’s are so popular?

If you are looking for long term entertainment, selection, pay out ratios and big win potential, there is no doubt online slots are better. Then why are FOBT’s so very popular, if they pay out far less to the player and offer maximum payouts of only £ 500?

FOBT’s are everywhere

The answer is simple: they are everywhere. You need only to step into the first bookie you see, and 4 FOBT’s will be waiting for you, ready to take your money.

The threshold for stepping into a bookie and putting a tenner in a FOBT is a lot lower than signing up for an online account, where you must fill in your personal data and upload documents for verification.

Self-exclusion at a bookie is not easy

And where it takes just a few simple steps to exclude yourself from an online casino for a long (or permanent) amount of time, things are not so easy at bookmakers. Sure, you can exclude yourself at one chain of bookmakers, but there is always another chain right around the corner.

Also, the process for self-exclusion is a lot easier online, than it is at a bookie, where you must visit the store in person and fill in self-exclusion forms.

FOBT’s: millions of pounds lost every day

So, even with far worse odds, British punters are still feeding the FOBT’s millions of pounds every day and losing most of it. There is a reason why earnings from FOBT are way more important to a bookie than any profits from sports betting. The margins are higher, and the risk is non-existent – a FOBT will always pay out less than what has gone in.

We are in no shape, way or form saying to you should not be playing the Fixes Odds Betting Terminals. If you can keep to your budget and enjoy playing them, who are we to judge? But we do feel online slots provide a better and often more lucrative gambling experience.

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